Menstrual Health Is Important

Image Credit Kotex

What is menstruation: Menstruation or “your period” is when blood discharges from the lining of your uterus. On average, a woman will have about 500 periods in her life (between  the ages of 10 to 45). Whether it’s your first period or your 100th educating yourself on Menstrual Health is a must.

Lessons on  Menstruation and Hygiene

  • Many women feel irritable, crampy, bloated, and fatigued while on their period
  • Working out during your period, though, uncomfortable helps with cramping
  • Eating Healthy during your period can release the pain of cramps i.e bananas, apples
  • Changing your pad(3 to 6hrs) or tampon( 4 to 6 hrs) regularly during your period, may sometimes depend on your flow but change regularly to avoid infections
  • The vagina has its own cleaning mechanism when on or off your period do not use/insert soap into the vagina clean the external part (around the vagina or vulva)



New Products

Lola (cotton pads)

Cora (organic tampons)

Thinx (period panties)


Organizational Resources

Menstrual Hygiene Day:

Period Inc:



Human Rights Watch:

Additional (Articles and Blogs) Resources

UBKotex Stories and Advice:

The Period Blog:

Trying Period Panties:




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